World Taurini



Our goal is simple: create extraordinary objects using stones.
We achieve this not only by following your directions, but also by ensuring that what you ask for is more than an object of desire; almost a passport for an exclusive cosmos.
Every object born in the Taurini house is, and has always been, made by hand.

We use exceptional natural and synthetic stones: our dedication leads us to offer you a wide range of customization options, total expression of individuality. Past and present blend in an inimitable melting pot of colors and finishes; stones are always a choice synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

To guarantee and meet our uncompromising standards and your expectations, we combine mastery, high performance and privileged services in every project.

Are you planning a project? Nothing is impossible for us, we can work with any kind of stone. We will give body to your dream respecting your vision.