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In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus gave to mortals what was reserved for gods: fire.

The strength of this element, like the wake of the sun, guides us and speaks to us.


TAURINI USES MODERN TECHNOLOGY advance different solutions for interior design, and for luxury components in general: we create pieces with a contemporary design.


carefully chosen stones that emanate sensations out of linear time and share a history of mastery that can only be achieved through the resistance in time.


We are well aware of the necessity to offer an exclusive, bold and strong piece fit in a space to make it work. Not just a piece of furniture, but rather something to admire, almost a fragment of sculptural art.


Your hands will never stop moving feeling the beautiful curves of our stones.

A sensational experience: functional art adds personality.

All our products are created upon order, in specific sizes and stones.

Look at what we have already created, an exciting range of pieces.